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The ASI DataMyte Model 501 data collector is an ergonomic handheld unit that weighs under one pound. It is ideal for many mobile data collection operations, especially in confined spaces. The 501 features an LCD panel to display collected information, with a backlight option for use in low-light conditions. The design features keys oriented for either right-or left-hand operation, and the contoured grip reduces operator fatigue and the likelihood of motion injuries. The ruggedly-designed 501 is designed to survive a four foot drop to a concrete surface without loss of function. It resists damage from pooled oil, water-based cutting fluid, abrasives, dust, metal chips and filings.

Standard Features
A red/green/yellow LED display provides visual indication of in/out of spec conditions and caution alerts for operators. A standard internal warning buzzer, or an optional lapel buzzer, also serves as a warning indicator. The LEDs are position and color coded for easy recognition, even by operators who are unable to distinguish colors.

Optional Keypad Configurations
The Model 501 supports two different keypad options. The simple keypad is optimized for gage or barcode data collection in a factory environment. It has large, well-spaced keys that may be conveniently operated with even a single gloved hand for most data collection applications. The alphanumeric keypad has dedicated number keys for those applications that require frequent keyed numeric data entry.

Analog Capability
A four-channel analog option is available for the Model 501. This option is useful for applications that use industry-standard analog gaging in automotive assembly, sheet metal stamping and aircraft rivet height applications.

SPC Option
The 501 may be ordered with either the SPC option for on-board SPC analysis, or a non-SPC option. The onboard menu provides these choices:

  • Choose Setup
  • Review Setup
  • Delete
  • Gage (for gage configuration)
  • Export
  • Preferences
  • Views
  • About Screen
  • Off

Torque Option
The ASI DataMyte 501 is the ideal device for torque audits, especially when a portable device is required. The 501 is designed for use with a wide variety of torque tools:

  • The residual torque on a previously installed fastener can be measured with Peak, Breakaway, or Restart strategies using a hand wrench.
  • Real time installation torque from DC/electric, air stall or impulse tools can be captured with Peak or Pulse strategies.
  • Off-line verification of torque tool cutoff and angle encoder accuracy is supported.
  • Hand assembly and rework operations where a fastener is to be driven to a given torque or is to be driven to a given angle past a given torque are supported.

Support Software
ASI DataMyte offers two support software options for the 501. Each is used to create data collection part setups and to upload collected data. They are:

  • The ASI DataMyte Setup Editor with RCSL which can also be used to transfer collected data directly into an ASI DataMyte Quantum database for further analysis and reporting.
  • ASI DataMyte TranSend software which uploads collected data to standard spreadsheet programs, such as Microsoft Excel, or as tab- delimited or comma-delimited ASCII data files.


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