Precision Measurement  Precision Measurement

The Yogasa Precision Measurement solution interfaces either analog LVDT probes or digital probes to a personal computer running Quantum SPC/DC data collection software. The software provides a full-color column display, eliminating the need for cumbersome and hard-to-read column gages.

Quantum SPC DC Software
The Quantum SPC solution has been used heavily in the Automotive industry where complex data collection and reporting are important needs The  Quantum SPC data collection system combines the Windows® graphical user interface with advanced networking, plus a client server database to simplify data collection and analysis.

Applied Stats SPC Software
Applied Stats software allows you to acquire and analyze quality metrics during your manufacturing process.  Using this software you will be able to collect process data in real time. Applied Stats software will enable you to react to process deviations as they occur.

LVDT Probes
Yogasa offers a full line of Linear Variable Displacement Transormer (LVDT) probes from ASI DataMyte as part of our precision measurement solution. All ASI DataMyte probes feature rugged stainless steel construction and adjustable tips to reduce installation time. The probes incorporate precision bearings designed to increase the accurate lifetime of each probe. A full range of probe sizes are available in standard and pneumatic push styles.


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Digital Probes
Yogasa offers digital probes from Solartron Metrology, the world's largest supplier of analog probes, digital probes and linear measuring LVDT transducers. Quantum SPC and Applied Stats software seamlessly integrate with these probes.

914 LVDT Gaging System
The 914 LVDT gaging system offers LVDT gage interface support for the ASI DataMyte  953 Data Collector. The 914 can support up to 128 LVDT probes or air/electronic converters in a daisy chain. As many as eight 914s can be run off of a single 953 Data Collector.

916 Precision Gaging System
Yogasa offers 916 LVDT Gaging System from ASI DataMyte, with patented SimulScan Technology, interfaces LVDT and digital probes with computers running data collection software. SimulScan technology scans all probe ports for data simultaneously to eliminate sequential scanning errors found in other scanning systems.

Additional software and accessories can be configured with your system to match the most exacting precision measurement needs.


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